My gratitude and thanks to Nic McLay for many hours of volunteer work. Her professional response to my mostly ill informed questions about book design was invaluable. She is a superb book designer and can be contacted on 021993053      Freelance Designer                           www.

The team at Asia Pacific Offset Ltd  were a pleasure to work with. They provided first class support for a novice in the book trade.  They produced a very fine book.

I would like to thank the Development West Coast for support small business development through the Co-Starters Business Development Course. It gave me the knowledge and confidence to go ahead and self publish A Little Blue.

I would like to thank the West Coast Penguin Trust for endorsing the project and working to protect the little blues on the West Coast.

I would like to thank EPIC Kawatiri Westport and Nomad Audio and Video for making the production of a promotional video possible. The result surpasses all expectation. Thanks to Daimon of Nomad for finding the story with in the story I didn’t know was there.